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The Sensational Baby® workshop, designed by Infant Massage USA, is an innovative 5-week course for parents and caregivers with newborns in their families between the ages of 6 weeks up to an infant’s first independent steps (usually from 10-15 months). Each weekly class combines evidence-based massage routines, current resources about infant development, and topical discussions between parents about the intersection of tradition and best practices in parenthood.

Workshop Benefits for Families

  • Strengthen the relationship with your baby
  • Become aware and responsive to your baby’s cues
  • Gain additional skills to relieve your baby’s discomfort
  • Support positive interactions with your baby
  • Engage in a relaxing routine with your baby
  • Explore how nurturing touch enhances attachment and attunement
  • Learn strategies and tools to expand your baby’s development
  • Discover your own expertise as a nurturing caregiver
  • Connect with families who explore and share your parenthood values for a peaceful community

Why invest 5 weeks to learn infant massage?

In our fast paced world, there is still value in going slow. While there are many helpful books, videos, and shorter infant massage courses available to families, none of them can replace the hands-on and thoughtful experience of the relationship created in an extended workshop led by a professionally trained educator. When families choose to invest intention, attention, and time in their relationships, in an accepting and encouraging environment, they have the greatest opportunity to consistently be their best self.

A Sensational Baby® workshop is more than just learning massage strokes. Over five weeks, infants have the opportunity to adjust to increased sensory experiences, families receive individualized support as they explore their parenthood values and beliefs, practice massage strokes with guidance to implement a new routine, and nurture new relationships with other families attending the workshop.

A community based, reflective learning environment is beneficial for creating lifelong habits for adults and infants alike. Beyond the workshop, Sensational Baby® promotes the interconnectedness needed to sustain peaceful communities.

Session Topics

  • Week 1 – Getting To Know Your Baby
  • Week 2 – Soothing Your Baby
  • Week 3 – Your Baby’s Development
  • Week 4 – Fun With Baby
  • Week 5 – Your Growing Baby

Enrollment includes:

  • Five 90 minute sessions for 1 infant and up to two caregivers
  • One 15 minute digital check-in consultation upon request any time during the workshop
  • One invitation to a refresher class during a future workshop, pending space availability
  • Custom blended, plant-based massage oil
  • Parent Handbook
  • Infant Massage by Vimala McClure

Group Workshop Fee: $200 (need-based scholarships available)

Private In-Home Workshop Fee: $400

Baby Shower Taster Session: $40 (converts to $40 workshop credit for celebrated family)

Email alana.davis@educatingall.org to arrange for your workshop.